"Tracy’s enthusiastic, animated and professional style is contagious to learners as she coaches consultants, trains the trainers, and equips employees with critical soft skills and the fundamentals of sales and customer service."  

Her expertise on Generation Y and how the current four generations can work together more successfully creates a lively discussion in the board room, producing positive change.

Creative Memories
Arthur Murray Inc.


From staff workshops to teaching in the classroom, Tracy is an experienced facilitator and sought after educator for students of all ages. Guest speaker for groups of five to five hundred, Tracy captivates audiences with her interactive approach, engaging visuals and memorable storytelling.

Drawn from personally designed curriculum or adapted from materials provided, lessons are tailored to meet the varied and unique needs of listeners to inspire and motivate.


District 728 Teachers Training
Community Education
Spectrum High School
P.A.C.T. Charter School
Rogers High School
Irondale High School
Kaleidoscope Charter School
Home School Coop Guest
Rivers Academy


Whether conducting retreats, marriage seminars, parenting classes, leading bible studies, or presenting one of her many unparalleled youth workshops, participant's lives are impacted by relevant messages delivered in an inviting package.  Both faith-based and values-based materials are customized to create a powerful, life changing experience. 

Tracy's raw honesty and transparency are effectual and refreshing, causing her audience to connect quickly on a heart level and stirs them to action.


Girl Scouts of America
Moms In Touch International
Hope Community Church
Women Of Today
Precepts International Inst.
Hope Church of Elk River
Cornerstone Church

Unique Projects

With contributions ranging from keynote speaker to emcee, Tracy carries the event from ordinary to exceptional as she relates to each individual on a personal level. Her warm and down to earth humor are disarming, allowing people to relax and feel like they are having a personal conversation with a friend.

Modesty & Confidence Fashion Show, New Life Academy

Tracy was featured in and co-promoted a full-length documentary and marketing movie, Scrapped (

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