Meet Tracy E. Palmer

Tracy is uniquely gifted and passionate about speaking into people's lives, helping them to discover their true value and identity, equipping others to develop stronger relationships, and opening doors for more fruitful living. Tracy is a degreed professional with over 25 years of teaching and leadership experience in multiple industries.  She has consistently been a top performer in a variety of venues from classroom to boardroom, corporate stage to ballroom dance floor. Her enthusiasm for learning, along with her authenticity and integrity is refreshing.

Wife of twenty-two years to adorable husband Stuart, and mother of two 'one of a kind' teenagers, Tracy's personal life is filled to the brim with relationships. When she is not out making new friends or laughing with old friends, Tracy recharges by investing her energy in various ministries Main Street Family Services, spending time with her church family at Brookwood, teaching Worship Arts, Digital Scrap-booking, and Ballroom Dancing